The easiest way to achieve a real NoSQL solution.

The Catalog R2

About The Catalog NoSQL Database System

The Catalog R2 provides a real NoSQL solution for those who working on small or huge IT environment either. It can work based on serveral schemas, database structures - provided by you, the developer. You can work with The Catalog R2 like you do in a traditional SQL database. It is up to you if you use The Catalog as a relational, hierarchic or as common NoSQL database.

Our aim is to minimize the time of development and make programmers life easier in production state. With Catalog you are able to achive low resource requirements making your complete software deployement faster in small or huge systems.

Who is our main audience?

  • Small or medium size business organizations
  • Database managers, administrators
  • Developement teams
  • Amateur programmers, hobbists
  • Everybody


The main features you can make advantage from while using The Catalog NoSQL Database System. These are also our future aims in the upcoming versions too.

  • Running from memory
  • HDD can be swapped on runtime
  • Transaction managed
  • Redundant
  • Works offline
  • Low space requirement
  • Can be used on seperated systems
  • Low system resource requirements
  • Compact
  • Mobile
  • Portable
  • Fast deployment
  • Easy to learn
  • Reduced instruction set
  • Universal data types
  • One library as an interface


Small environment size

In early stages of production and also during the whole development process the need of a lightweight database is a must. One of many important aims of The Catalog is small environment and database size.

Low system resource requirements

Small environment and database size. These help us - and as well you, the user - to achieve small system resource requirements. That makes The Catalog really powerful compared to traditional SQL systems.

Fast deployement

No installation procedure, no dependencies. The Catalog NoSQL Database System is a compact distribution. Set up your database server in a few minutes, in less than 10 clicks.

Easy usage

Learn the usage in less than 20 minutes. No types, no attributes, no functions. Only 10 keywords are needed for basic usage!

Seperated systems

Because of it's low resource requirements and portability The Catalog can be run on seperated systems. We used and evolved the traditional master-slave database architecture and created realtime and offline mirroring.

High redundancy

Because of the embeded mirroring system and mobility with The Catalog you can achieve an infinite level redundancy. Imagine possibilities of installing The Catalog on mobile devices, such as flash drives or Raspberry Pi, and these connection in net. With this architecture data loss is impossible, because databases recover themselves from neighbourhood on runtime.

Take a look

The Catalog R2 32 bit

For Windows based x86 systems

The Catalog R2 64 bit

For Windows based x64 systems

Native interface

Native interface for developers working on x86 and/or x64 platforms

Invoked .NET interface

Invoked interface for developers working on .NET platform


API for developers working on .NET platform


API for developers working on .NET Core platform

The Catalog Tool Kit

Visual Studio 2017 extension for developers

CatManager on Store

CatManager available on Microsoft and Google Stores

Get it on Google Play Get it from Microsoft Store

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